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Personal Project 2
(Unity C#)


Solo Developer




Solo Developer



   Personal Project 3 is a roll-a-ball genre inspired 3d platformer. It’s a small 15-minute game that features 3 levels. Each level is dedicated to one of the gameplay mechanics (Player movement, moving platforms, and jump-pads). Apart from just rolling and jumping, the player controller also features wall-jumping and reverse bounce mechanics that enrich the gameplay after the player masters them. The game also features a variety of debug tools (such as NoClip) and full player progress serialization.


My contribution

   This is my personal project that I developed in 6 weeks. This project helped me to improve my rapid prototyping, level design, and overall game design skills.

   This game features 3 levels. Each level introduces and develops a certain gameplay feature or a gameplay mechanic. For example, the first level teaches the player how to move around, wall-jump, and avoid obstacles, and introduces hazards that will kill them upon collision. The second level introduces moving platforms, featuring a developing series of challenges with them. The third level introduces bouncy platforms and moving hazards.

   The game level-select "lobby" also plays a big part in tutorialization. It's an interactive room with a simplified 2D perspective that allows the player to safely play around with different gameplay features before encountering them on the actual levels. The lobby starts empty and gets more and more interactive objects as the player progresses through the game.

   All objects in this game are color coded. Everything that is somehow related to the player (player character, wall-jump signifiers, finishing tube) is orange. All hazards and hazardous surfaces of any shape have a neon-pink color to signify danger. All moving platforms have a neutral grey color that signifies their neutrality towards the player and a 3D sound effect that helps to determine their location relative to the player.

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