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Hello, I'm Grigorii Kolesnikov!

   I'm 22 and I love designing and building games! Throughout my life, I traveled from place to place, country to country, meeting new people, visiting new places, and discovering new cultures. This experience inspired me to move to the US and study professional game design to be able to create digital worlds and entertaining experiences that anyone can enjoy.

   As a Senior International student at DigiPen Institute of Technology. In my Bachelor of Arts in Game Design Program, I specialize in Level Design and System Design. Apart from the standard course-required projects I also love working on personal projects in my free time. Most of my work experience is related to Unity 3D, however, I'll be happy to discover and learn new software! Download my resume using the link below to learn more!

-Unity 3D
-Unity Visual Scripting
-Unreal Engine 5
-Maya 3D
-Adobe Photoshop
-Office software
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