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Personal Project 3
(Unity C#) WIP


Solo Developer




Solo Developer



  Personal Project 3 is a twin-stick style shooter. This project is still a work in progress, however, it already has its core gameplay mechanics implemented.

  This game features 3 different types of shooting and 3 different types of enemies that have flexible parameters, tweaking which a game designer can easily create new enemy types.


My contribution

   This is my second personal project that I developed in 6 weeks. This project also helped me to improve my rapid prototyping, level design, and overall game design skills.

   At this moment this project is still a "Work In Progress". I plan to finish it in the next 2 weeks. However, it already has its core gameplay loop implemented and has 1 playable introductory level.

   This game features 3 different shooting types:

      - 3-shot gatling (LMB): Produces a short burst of 3 shots, dealing 1 damage per bullet. This is a universal weapon that can be used by the player in most situations.

      - Timed Bomb (RBM): Places a small timed bomb that explodes after ~2 seconds dealing 4 damage each second the enemy stands in the explosion area. Can be used to quickly eliminate enemies that go in packs or have low mobility.

         - Laser/Turbo Laser (Mouse Wheel): Activates by scrolling the mouse wheel. The faster you scroll the wheel the bigger the Laser is. Scrolling it fast enough will transform it into a Turbo Laser that has gigantic range and damage but low mobility and turn speed. Laser deals 1 damage every second, whereas Turbo Laser deals 2 damage every half a second. The default laser has very low damage, however, it has a very flexible shooting behavior (you can rotate it in any direction and hit as many enemies as you can catch in the laser hitbox). This allows the player to use it as an anti-horde weapon that will eliminate small packs of fast enemies. Turbo Laser might have a low damage value per cycle, however, it's short half a second cycle and a giant hitbox allows it to land a very high DPS (damage per second) over a large area. This is a very strong weapon that gives a feeling of empowerment to the player and helps them to defeat strong enemies with low mobility. However, its low turning and movement speed make it much less efficient to use against small enemies.

   This game also features 3 enemy archtypes:

      - Bomb: Bomb will chase the player and explode upon getting close, dealing serious area damage. Bomb's reaction range, speed and damage/damage pattern can be modified to create new different Bomb-based enemies (Big armored Giga-Bomb, Small agile Bombling).

      - Shooter: Shooter activates once the player gets close to it. Shooter shoots hazardous projectiles toward the player that deal damage upon the collision. Shooters reaction range, projectile type, shooting rate, health, and aiming speed can be modified to create different Shooter variants (Missile Shooter, Big Shooter)

      - Shielded Shooter: Shileded shooter is a sub-variant of a normal shooter that has a shield around it. That shield can take 4 damage before deactivating.

Things to complete

   At the current stage of development, that game lacks UX. I will be adding more feedback for different in-game events (both particles and sound). The game also needs a proper menu and a satisfying win screen. Apart from that I also need to add more debug functionality to the game, so that I'll be able to expand its content later if I want. All that will be added in the next 2 weeks.

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