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Personal Project 4
(Unity C#) WIP


Solo Developer




Solo Developer



  Personal Project 4 is am isometric 2.5D RPG. It is still a work in progress but it already features all of the core gameplay mechanics and is ready to be filled with content.

   One of the key features of this RPG is the sanbox prop system that allows the player to carry around, place and rotate different props. This mechanic gives space for the implementation of physics-based puzzles, giving some fresh colors to the RPG formula.


My contribution

   At its current state, this project is feature complete. The player progress (health, current level, current karma, and inventory) and the world state (Scenery prop location, quest progress) are fully serialized. The bi-lingual dialogue system and the dialogue choice system are also implemented. You can easily create new levels and populate them with NPCs, items, and quests of your choice.

   Apart from that, this game features a prop system that allows the player to carry around different items. This system adds some sandbox elements into the game, allowing the player to have fun by fooling around with props, solving physics-based puzzles, and directly interacting with the game environment.

   An important feature of this game is the bi-lingual support. Indie RPG is a genre heavily based on the text narrative. That's why I didn't want to leave any players aside and implemented a system that will allow choosing between the 2 languages. Right now it's English and Russian, however, I'm planning to implement a flexible custom language system that will allow 3rd party translators to add their language into the game simply by replacing the script file in the game directory.

Things to complete

   As a feature-complete prototype, this game still lacks actual content. This includes the narrative storyline, levels and quests. This is a very big amount of work that has no strict deadline and is in fact my hobby so I work on it during my free time.

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