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(Custom Engine)


Design Lead, Level Design




Cool Team

(DigiPen Institute of Technology)



   Mirage is a 2D platformer-shooter game that was developed by our student team during my sophomore year at DigiPen. It incorporates most of the classical platformer shooter mechanics adding some twist to it.


After the player reaches the right end of the level, a deathwall appears. The deathwall then chases the player to the left edge of the level, back to where they started.

My contribution

In this project, I took the roles of the Level Designer and the Design Lead.


Level design:

   My task was to create 3 levels that will take around 5 minutes to finish. Each level had to have a double-sided structure to be played in both directions left-to-right and backward. In total, I conducted analyzed around 18 playtests throughout the development period, which helped me to improve and polish my levels according to the player feedback. Working in a custom engine was a big challenge, but it had good educational value for me.

Design Lead:

   My job as a design lead was to organize the work of the design department in my team. This included scheduling and conducting weekly meetings, delegating tasks, writing documentation, proofreading, and presenting most of the submitted material. This was a great responsibility that also had a very big educational value for me in terms of team leading and social skills.

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